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Holy Squawkamole Parrot Toy Superbird Holy Squawkamole Parrot Toy

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Holy Squawkamole Parrot Toy

Holy Moly, this toy is so much fun for medium to large Parrots.

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The main section of this Holy Squawkamole is the woven vine and palm leaf tube, providing loads of crunchy material for Parrots to enjoy chewing and pulling apart.

A beautiful flower is fastened to each end of the tube, made using a woven palm flower, a coloured foam flower shape, a woven vine star and coloured wood bead. Each making for a stimulating play time as Parrots enjoy chewing, picking and unravelling.

The bright colours of the flowers are designed to appeal to the Parrot's keen eyesight and inquisitive nature. Plus, the fact that they move slightly allows the Parrot to peek inside the tube.

Why not suggest push some coloured crinkle paper inside the tube behind the flowers for the bird to enjoy pulling out and chewing up? As a reward for their hard work add or hide some tasty treats inside too.

There's plenty more materials for pet birds to enjoy playing with on this Holy Squawkamole Parrot Toy. There's a woven vine munch ball near the top, which for further foraging fun your customers can push pieces of material or small bits of food and treats inside to encourage the Parrot's natural foraging instincts. Or the Parrot can simply have fun unravelling the ball and chewing it all to pieces.

Plus, there's more vine stars and foam shapes as well as coloured vine ring chains hanging down. All these fun to play with parts are fastened to a metal wire core, for added strength.

Use the pear link hanger provided to securely fasten this Holy Squawkamole onto the Parrot's cage or play gym stand.
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