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Shredding Coronet Parrot Toy - Large Zoo-Max Shredding Coronet Parrot Toy - Large

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Shredding Coronet Parrot Toy - Large

A wood and cardboard toy Parrots can shred, chew and forage with.

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Shredding Coronet (366256)
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This multi-textured Shredding Coronet Parrot Toy - Large has plenty to keep birds busy and entertained.

The wood slats and dowel section are coloured to grab the bird's attention and appeal to their inquisitive nature. Chewing on the wood helps a bird to keep their beak nice and trim, plus it's fun!

Sandwiched between all the wood pieces is a load of corrugated cardboard slices; your customer can watch as their Parrot enjoys the sound the cardboard makes as they shred and chew it into smaller pieces.

Your customer can help their Parrot stay free from birdie boredom by hiding small pieces of food or treats inside the corrugated cardboard slices. The Parrot can then spend their time working at finding and retrieving them.

They can hide rewards all around this Shredding Coronet Parrot Toy - Medium to help keep a bird active and healthy, keeping fit through play.

Hanging near the top and bottom of this toy are exposed sections of sisal rope for Parrots to preen. Providing materials for birds to preen on can help reduce unwanted overpreening behaviours and keep them looking amazing.

Using the metal quick link provided, your customer can securely and quickly fasten this toy onto their Parrot's cage or play gym stand.
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