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Super Bagel Foraging Parrot Toy Northern_Parrots Super Bagel Foraging Parrot Toy

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Super Bagel Foraging Parrot Toy

Chewing and foraging fun rolled into one - super!

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Super Bagel (343107)
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This Super Bagel Foraging Parrot Toy has lots of colourful wood block inside a large birdie bangle for a Parrot to chew and rip up.

Parrots love the sound the cardboard makes as they tear into it and chewing on the wood blocks helps to keep their beak well exercised and healthy.

A plastic cup hangs down from each side, covered by a plastic lid. Your customer can fill one or both of the cups with materials, food and treats or both.

The clear design allows a Parrot to see their rewards, and they can use their clever mind to work out how to lift or move the lids to retrieve their goodies. Toys that allow a Parrot to search for, find and retrieve food helps them replicate their natural foraging behaviour.

The plastic cogs can also be used to wedge in rewards for a Parrot to find. As they play, the plastic chains rattle together as the Parrot plays, sounds noise loving Parrots enjoy hearing.

Suspended on a length of metal chain, your customer can easily and securely attach this Super Bagel to the Parrot's cage or play gym stand using the pear link provided.
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