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Published on Tuesday, 24th January 2017
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Northern Pet Trade are proud to be the only company in the UK that imports ZuPreem from their base in America.

ZuPreem have been established since 1964. It’s a family run business that has been passed down over 3 generations and is now run by David R Morris, grandson of the original owner.

There are four different flavours of ZuPreem as well as a range of treats. 

They always produce high quality products and have established the Future Generation Fund that promotes animal health, welfare and conservation.

Complete Food
ZuPreem’s complete food is available in four different flavours, FruitBlend, Natural, NutBlend and VeggieBlend. All the food has a resealable packet.

The FruitBlend is available in four different pellet sizes for different size of birds. But all have colourful, fruit flavoured nuggets that are preserved with Vitamin C to help a bird’s general health.

The FruitBlend for Medium/Large Parrots is in a 3.5lb or 17.5lb bag, the FruitBlend for Cockatiels is a 0.44lb, 2lb or 17.5lb bag, the FruitBlend for Budgies is a 0.875lb bag and the FruitBlend for Large Parrots is also a 3.5lb or 17.5lb bag. 
ZuPreem Natural is available for Cockatiels, Budgies, Parrots and Large Parrots. These have no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours and instead have been ground from fresh vegetables to give a fun vegetable flavour.

The Natural for Large Parrots is a 3lb or 20lb bag, the ZuPreem Natural for Budgies is in a 2.25lb bag and the the Natural for Cockatiels is a 2.5lb or 20lb bag and the ZuPreem for Parrots is also a 3lb or 20lb bag. 

The NutBlend is a 3.25lb bag. This is for most medium to large Parrots and has different nut shapes and nut flavoured nuggets. 

Similarily, the VeggieBlend is a 3.25lb bag for medium to large Parrots. These have different vegetable flavoured nuggets birds love eating. 

ZuPreem have put together a series of rewards called Trail Mix, Orchard Mix, Tropical Mix and Garden Mix flavours. These are available for medium or large Parrots in a 6oz bag. 
2018 Foods
The Smart Selects range is available for large Parrots, medium Parrots, Cockatiels and Lovebirds, Budgies and Finches and Canaries and are a 2lb, 2.5lb, 4lb or 20lb bag, depending on the mixture. They also provide Parrots with all the nutrition they need.

The Pure Fun range makes playtime even more exciting for a Parrot. The 2lb bags are either for large Parrots, medium / large Parrots, medium Parrots and small Parrots.

The Sensible Seed range is for owners who want to feed their bird a better seed mixture. It comes in a 2lb bag for either large, medium / large Parrots, medium Parrots and small Parrots.

2020 Foods
The Breeder Diet is for birds that will be having chicks. 

The PastaBlend is complete food in a pasta shape. NutBlend and VeggieBlend for smaller birds too. 

ZuPreem: exceptional diets for extraordinary companions. 

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