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Cockatiel Accessories

The very best accessories for a Cockatiel to enjoy, inside and outside their cage

Having lots of accessories can enrich a Cockatielís life, when used in addition to toys and food.

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There are many different accessories to choose from.

One of the most popular and necessary accessories is a Parrot perch. Perches are made from a range of textures and comes in a choice of sizes and diameters, helping to keep little Cockatiel feet exercised and healthy as they walk across them.

Another essential accessory is a feeding dish. Although many cages are already supplied with feeding dishes, and like all birds Cockatiels should be encouraged to find food from a foraging toy, food should always be available in a feeding dish for when they donít feel like foraging.

An alternative to resting on a perch is relaxing on a stand instead. Again these are available in lots of designs and sizes.

There are many different accessories that can keep a Cockatiel and the products they use clean. Choose from misters, baths and sprays to clean the Tiel, and sand and sanded paper, sprays, wipes and disinfectant to clean cages and equipment.

The area around a Cockatiel can stay free of any dander with the Heaven Fresh accessories and replacement UV lights, filter cartridges and dust collection grids.

Having the right amount of UV light in a Cockatielís cage allows them to synthesise Vitamin D3 and produce calcium. This allows them to build strong bones and beak.

Learning to fly in a Parrot harness helps maintain a birdís overall wellbeing, by boosting their IQ, improving their co-ordination and helps them become fitter.

Another way for a Cockatiel to get out and enjoy the world around them is in a travel cage. These have all the features a regular cage does like perches and feeders.

If you sell Parrot Towers in your store or have done previously, stock their replacement parts in your store for customers to buy. There are extra perches, wheels and more.

s Encourage customers to check on their birdís weight with scales. Unexpected increases or decreases in their weight may be the first signs of illness.

As prey animals Cockatiels need somewhere safe to retreat to whenever they feel scared or threatened. Having a hideaway in their cage gives them that option.

During training sessions with a Cockatiel a clicker may be used to help modify the birdís behaviour.

We havenít forgotten about accessories for customers either. There are DVDís, CDís and books about Parrots to learn from.

Browse this huge array of Cockatiel accessories for your store right here.

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