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Lovebird Accessories

A range of accessories to enrich a Lovebird's life

Look at this excellent accessories for Lovebirds you can sell in your store, including feeding dishes, stands, perches and loads more.

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There are dozens of different accessories to choose from.

Some accessories are for inside the cage, like the perches, hideaways and feeding dishes. Others are for over the cage, like the UV lights and cage covers, and finally others are for outside the cage, like the harnesses and stands.

Perches are made from varying lengths cut from varying materials. Walking across the different surfaces of these perches keeps feet active and in good condition.

Hideaways give a Lovebird a warm and cosy place to retreat to whenever they feel scared or threatened. As prey animals, itís only natural they want somewhere to escape too.

Feeding dishes lock securely onto the cage to prevent Lovebirds from tipping up the food inside it.

Encourage a customer to position UV light over their birdís cage so they enjoy the levels of UVA and UVB that they need. Having the correct levels of UV allows them to synthesise Vitamin D3 through their skin or preening gland, which allows them to produce calcium for strong bones and beak.

Let a Parrot learn how to fly safely with a Parrot harness. Learning to fly supports a bird in becoming fitter, healthier and more co-ordinated.

Stands are a great place for Parrots to eat, play and sleep on away from their cage.

Advise a customer to weigh their Lovebird regularly on scales as unexplainable increases or decreases in their weight could be the first signs of illness.

If they do suspect their bird is unwell and they need to take them to the vets, they can transport their feathered friend safely in a travel cage.

During training sessions a customer can modify their birdís behaviour with a training clicker. If your customer has bought a Parrot Tower from you in the past, make sure theyíre returning to your store for the spare parts for it. There are wheels, perches and spacers to pick from.

Also, if a customer has previously purchased a Heaven Fresh air purifier from you, there are replacement parts for that, along with the purifiers themselves.

Encourage your customer to learn more about their Lovebird with a book or DVD. Most of these accessories can be maintained with the cleaning products and disinfectant. These effective and fast acting products wipe away all the mess and dirt that a Parrot makes. Sand and sanded sheets collect the mess a Lovebird makes at the bottom of their cage.

Lovebirds can stay looking beautiful too. Sell the misters and baths that customers need to wash their bird with.

Here are lots of useful Lovebird accessories for your store.

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