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F10 CL Avian Disinfectant Concentrate 1 Litre F10 F10 CL Avian Disinfectant Concentrate 1 Litre

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F10 CL Avian Disinfectant Concentrate 1 Litre

A professional cleaner and disinfectant for use around your customer`s home.

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This F10CLXD Veterinary Disinfectant is perfect for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.

The non-toxic, non-irritating and non-corrosive formula is biodegradable and won't corrode metals, irritate eyes or abraded skin. It has even been given a zero hazard rating from the EU and poses no risk to your customer or their bird when used at the recommended concentrations.

For general disinfection use 10ml in 1 litre of water.

F10 CLXD Veterinary Disinfectant Cleaner is one of the safest, most effective disinfectants we've ever come across and is highly economical as well.

Avian vets, zoos, breeders and owners all over the world trust F10. Here's why you should too...

It's extremely effective against avian diseases such as Avian Flu, PBFD and psittacosis.

It destroys bacteria, viruses and spores quickly.

It can be applied as a fog or fine spray to eradicate these airborne microbes or when ill birds shed infected material to prevent cross contamination. Contact times are shorter, making application easier.

The fine, soapy liquid has a fragrant pine scent and green appearance.

It can be used on just about anything - floors, perches, toys, food preparation areas, inside incubators, - or for washing eggs and decontaminating hands.

Due to the cleaning detergent contained in F10CLXD, any food bowls or instruments that are to come in close contact with animals should be washed with clean water to ensure no soap residue is left

Once cleaned, spraying with F10SC or F10CL solution and allowing to air dry will ensure continued disinfection

Products containing the F10 core actives can effectively and safely be used to combat Corona Virus Disease 2019 (abbreviated COVID-19). Coronaviruses belong to the family Coronaviridae they are enveloped viruses which are relatively easily inactivated and by no means a challenge for F10. Under laboratory conditions a 1:500 dilution of F10SC will eliminate the virus. To ensure responsible and practical applications by non-professionals, we have decided to recommend an in-use dilution of 1:100 (10 ml / l) which is in line with the amount of actives in the F10 Hand Hygiene range of products. At this dilution F10 will also be effective against the far more resistant non-enveloped viruses such as Canine Parvo Virus (CPV). Use of the higher dilution will reduce the required contact time and overcome the effect of other interfering factors such as dirty conditions and other micro-organisms that might also be present.
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