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Conure - Large Accessories

A wonderful choice of accessories for a Large Conure

There are over 100 fun accessories to choose from for Large Conures, including travel cages, lights, perches, stands, hideaways and harnesses.

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These accessories are all essential must haves to enrich a birdís life.

Stands give Large Conures an alternative place to perch away from their cage. Customers can take their bird with them around their home. Most stands have feeders and perches included.

But if a customer wants to take their Parrot outside or on trips out with them, then a travel cage or harness is the best option. Travel cages have all the features a standard size cage does, like wide doors, feeding dishes and a place to collect mess.

Letting a Parrot fly safely in one of the harnesses is a fun way to get much-appreciated exercise. Flying has the added benefit of making a Large Conure more co-ordinated and more self-confident.

As stated previously, perches come as standard with most stands and travel cages. But if you want to stock extra there are plenty to choose from, in different sizes, materials and colours. Some are sanded so that a Large Conureís nails are trim as they walk across them.

Having food available in a feeding dish is important for when a Large Conure doesnít feel like foraging for their meal inside toys.

Positioning a UV light over a birdís cage ensures they get the UVA and UVB light they need to synthesise Vitamin D3 through their skin or a special process in the preening gland. This then allows them to produce calcium, that they need for strong bones and beak.

Some Large Conures like to go to sleep inside a hideaway. These cosy hideaways allow a bird to retreat from the world for a little while.

Encourage customers to clean these accessories with the cleaning products and disinfectant. These fast acting and effective products make the cage cleaning routine one less of a chore. The sand and sanded paper collects the mess a Conure makes at the bottom of their cage.

Watching a DVD about Parrots teaches you and your customer more about these complex animals and their behaviour, nutritional needs and a lot more.

Does your customerís Parrot like playing on Parrot Towers? Then make sure you have all the spare parts for it, like wheels, perches and holders.

Keep a Large Conureís plumage looking beautiful by washing them regularly with a Parrot bath or spraying them with a mister.

As prey animals Conures donít like to show any outward signs of something being wrong. However, increases or decreases in their weight could be the first signs of illness. Weighing them regularly on scales can keep track of their weight. Scales are accurate to within one gram.

Using a training clicker helps to modify a birdís behaviour during training sessions.

Choose from dozens of accessories for Large Conures right here.

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