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Conure - Small Accessories

High quality accessories for a Small Conure

Here is a wide array of Small Conure accessories, including feeding dishes, lights, stands, perches and hideaways.

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All these accessories are the perfect addition to a Small Conure’s life.

Perches are one of the most essential accessories a Small Conure can own. They need them to rest their feet on inside the cage. Cages have been designed in lots of different lengths, textures and diameters, to keep feet active and in good condition.

Most travel cages and stands are already fitted with perches. Other features of a travel cage are feeders, toy hangers and wide entry and exit doors. Travel cages are useful for trips to the vet or days out.

Stands means a customer can take their Parrot with them in every room of their house.

For more outside fun, stock lots of Parrot harnesses in your store. Small Conure harnesses come in a choice of colours. Small Conures can learn to fly safely in a harness.

If they are having regular flying sessions they’ll need to keep their energy levels up. Having food in a feeding dish lets a Small Conure enjoy a tasty meal whenever they like.

Unlike humans Parrots can see UV light. They use it to identify mates and go searching for food. Birds also use it to synthesise Vitamin D3 through their skin or a special process in the preening gland. This then allows them to produce calcium that they need for strong bones and beak.

Hideaways mean a Conure can relax and keep warm.

After bedtime, it’s time for playtime. Parrot Tower accessories include spacers, perches and spare wheels and are lots of fun for a bird to play with.

All these accessories are easily cleaned with cleaning products and disinfectant from the highly-rated brands.

Sand and sanded paper collects the mess that a bird makes at the bottom of their cage, so less time cleaning up after a bird and more time playing with them.

However, they might like bonding with their bird, washing them in a Parrot bath or spraying them with a mister.

Learning from the experts on Parrot behaviour and training in a DVD.

They can put all the knowledge they’ve just learnt into practice with a training clicker.

Buy all your Small Conure accessories right here.

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