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Macaw - Small Accessories

All the accessories needed for a Small Macaw

Check out this excellent choice of Small Macaw accessories, including lights, hideaways, stands, perches and travel cages.

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Accessories can inside or outside the cage and enrich the Small Macawís environment.

Learning to fly is one of the most important tasks a Small Macaw can learn. It helps them become fitter, more intelligent and better co-ordinated. Small Macaws can learn this important skill in a Parrot harness. A choice of colours is available.

For trips to the vets taking a Small Macaw out in a travel cage is more practical. Like full sized cages, these have perches, feeders and wide entry and exit doors.

After their adventure, Small Macaws can relax on a Parrot stand. These too have perches, feeders and holders for hanging toys.

Although it is always recommended that a Small Macaw goes searching for food inside foraging toys, some pellets should be available in a feeding dish too. Different sizes are available, but most lock onto the Parrotís cage to prevent them from tipping it over.

Without the correct amount of UV light, Small Macaws canít synthesise Vitamin D3 or produce calcium. They need calcium to build strong bones and beak. UVA or UVB bird lights give Parrots this essential light that they need.

You can stock replacement perches in your store. Perches have been cut to different lengths and diameters and from a selection of textures. Having this variation helps feet stay in excellent condition.

As prey animals in the wild It is only natural a bird needs somewhere to retreat too whenever they feel scared or threatened. Hideaways give them this option.

Another feature of being a prey animal is they donít like to show any outward signs of illness. Unexpected increases or decreases in their weight can be the first sign that something is wrong. Encourage customers to weigh their bird regularly on the scales to keep track of their feathered friendís weight.

Spending time updating a Parrot Tower with new perches, spacers or wheels, keeps it fresh and exciting for a Small Macaw.

Sand and sanded paper collects the mess that a Small Macaw makes at the bottom of their cage and the cleaning products and disinfectant, such as the wipes, sprays and brushes, clean up the rest of the cage and other equipment.

Parrots can keep clean too, by bathing regularly in a Parrot bath or being sprayed with a mister. It helps their plumage stay looking beautiful.

Customers can modify their birdís behaviour during training sessions with a training clicker.

There is a wide choice of accessories for Small Macaw owners too. Customers can watch a DVD all about their bird.

These are all the accessories for a Small Macaw that you can sell in your store, all at low prices with fast delivery.

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