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Balls and Blocks Parrot Toy Northern_Parrots Balls and Blocks Parrot Toy

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Balls and Blocks Parrot Toy

Rattles as the Parrot plays.

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This intriguing looking toy is great for inquisitive Parrots. The balls and blocks toy is packed full of different materials and textures for the bird to explore. Plus there is the option for your customer to further personalise their bird`s toy.

The large vine ball with the coloured lolly sticks pushed through it is just the start. Parrots soon learn to pull them out and chew them up; your customer can easily fill the inside, tie on or weave more materials to it for their bird to enjoy.

They can do the same with the whiffle balls, which already have coloured plastic beads inside. These rattle around every time the bird pulls one of the leather legs, grabs hold or climbs on the Balls and Blocks Hanging Parrot Toy.

The hanging knotted leather legs which hold on the whiffle balls also have coloured wood blocks attached. The blocks are there so the Parrot can chew on something a little bit more substantial.

Any of the holes in the wood blocks or whiffle balls make great places to wedge foods or treats. Try suggesting that they place just a few around the toy so the Parrot has to go searching to find them. This is great fun for the bird and helps to satisfy their natural urge to forage.

This toy offer you a great chance to cross sell treats as well as toy making parts which can be use to personalise their bird's toy.
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