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Pear Chewable Parrot Toy

A pear shaped chewable Parrot toy with soft wood pieces, ideal for smaller beaks.

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This wood Pear Parrot Chew Shaped Toy, with its bright yellow and green colours, helps to grab a bird's interest.

The Parrot should chew on this toy to keep their beak short. Chewing helps ensure their beak stays trim and in good health.

Holes are drilled into the wooden pear shape to allow the plastic ropes to be threaded through. Each rope has green and yellow wood beads and slats attached for the Parrot to chew, plus the bird can spin and move them around.

The Parrot can grip the string and pull and push in a tug of war like action to move the toy in different directions. Untie the knots on each rope to add more materials to this Pear Parrot Chew Toy, like beads and slats.

The small size of the toy means the Parrot can easily climb and swing around on it, giving them exercise as they play.

Fitting in with the theme, a pear link hanger securely joins this toy to their cage very quickly.

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