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Peg Stacker Parrot Toy Small Northern_Parrots Peg Stacker Parrot Toy Small

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Peg Stacker Parrot Toy Small

Wood clothes pin styled parts that twist and turn.

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Peg Stacker (343442)
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This Peg Stacker Parrot Toy Small has many parts for chewing on, all fastened to a length of knotted sisal rope, allowing it to wiggle around as a Parrot plays.

There are hours of fun to be had with natural wood peg shapes and acrylic beads to chew on, knotted sisal rope to untie, unravel and preen with.

Providing materials a Parrot can chew on safely, not only offers peace of mind, but also helps a bird maintain a healthy and trim beak.

Having ropes to pick apart and preen can help reduce over preening, The knotted ends are perfect for puzzle loving Parrots, as they enjoy spending their time untying them.

The pegs and acrylic beads also provide places your customer can hide and wedge tasty treats or pieces of their favourite foods.

Foraging for food is a natural activity, one that would fulfil a lot of a Parrot’s time in the wild. Making the most of toys such as this Peg Wiggler to encourage foraging behaviours is a great way to provide a Parrot with essential mental stimulation.

Use the metal pear link provided to quickly and securely attach this Peg Stacker Parrot Toy Small to a Parrot’s cage or play gym stand.
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