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Tidymix Nut Supreme Parrot Treat - 250g Tidymix Tidymix Nut Supreme Parrot Treat - 250g

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Tidymix Nut Supreme Parrot Treat - 250g

All those favourite nuts in one mix, totally tasty!

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Nut Supreme Treat (59701)
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There's an incredible variety of nuts in this scrumptious Tidymix Nut Supreme Treat Mix; walnuts, Brazil nuts, cashew nuts, almonds, pecans and peanuts.

They are all shelled so birds can start enjoying them straight away, plus there is less waste and mess! Nuts contain lots of the good, unsaturated fats which Parrots needs in their diet.

One great and stimulating way for birds to enjoy this Tidymix Nut Supreme Parrot Treat is in a foraging toy. Hide the nuts inside and watch as they work out how to retrieve them.

Your customer can also break some into smaller pieces and use as training rewards, or simply add some to their bird's main food for variety.

Walnuts are packed with Omega 3 and antioxidants so which helps maintain a healthy heart, brain and muscles.

Cashew Nuts are an excellent source of protein which supports strong muscles and has plenty of iron to transport blood around the body, zinc that is used to form feathers and magnesium that transports nutrients and activates enzymes for absorption.

Almonds are packed with calcium which helps to build strong bones and Vitamin E that protects against cell damage.

Pecans have lots of Vitamin B3 that allows the bird to access energy and antioxidants that reduce cell damage.

Finally peanuts boast lots of energy and are packed with minerals such as copper that promotes healing, and manganese that helps hatchability and metabolises fats and sugars.

For Parrots who love nuts, they'll adore this Tidymix Nut Supreme Parrot Treat.
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