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Vine Ball Braided Wreath Parrot Toy Paradise_Toys Vine Ball Braided Wreath Parrot Toy

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Vine Ball Braided Wreath Parrot Toy

Natural and coloured chewable parts, fun shapes, sounds plus the opportunity to forage.

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Vine Ball Wreath (371142)
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All this crammed into one toy, how good is that?!

There are 10 woven vine balls on this Vine Ball Braided Wreath Parrot Toy, these popular parts are great fun, Parrots love unravelling them, pulling them apart and crunching them up.

Suggest to your customer that they stuff the vine balls with pieces of their Parrot's favourite treats or materials and let their bird's natural foraging instincts take over. Foraging keeps a Parrot's mind active and replicates their natural behaviour in the wild.

Braided together alongside the vine balls on to the inner metal wore core is a ribbon of woven natural material, which works its way around the wreath in a wavy shape. Birds can spend many hours picking at, preening on and chewing it all up.

The metal bell located near the top of the wreath chimes away as the Parrot plays, adding more sounds for these noise loving bird to appreciate.

This toy comes with a metal pear link hanger so it can easily and securely be fastened to the Parrot's cage or play gym stand.
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