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Save money on Parrot accessories

We have reductions on Parrot accessories throughout the year. You can save money when shopping for your store on perches, stands, feeding dishes and more.

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The special offers give you even better mark-ups for your store.

Every Parrot needs a variety of accessories to kit their cage out with. Parrot perches allow your customers birds to rest and stand comfortably whilst inside their cage. Make sure you’re not missing out on sales of this important product.

Parrot stands or play gym stands provide a safe dedicated place for Parrots to use when they’re not in their cage.

Encourage your customer to come back to your store when their bird needs a new feeding dish, often at a low price for this high importance item.

Travel cages are the perfect place for a customer to transport their bird safely. And they’ll be travelling to your store for these, with all the brilliant offers available on them.

We recommend replacing bird lights every 12 months or the benefits may not be as strong. Your face will light up when you see the price, as they’re often reduced.

In order to help a bird feel safe inside their cage, a hideaway could give them somewhere comfortable to retreat to or a cage cover to provide them with the level of darkness they need at night. These are on offer frequently.

DVD’s are a helpful way for your customer to learn more about their feathered friend. These are marked down many months of the year, to give you good savings.

Encourage your customer to teach their Parrot to fly safely with a Parrot harness. These are available in a selection of colours, all at a low price.

Cleaning products and disinfectant need to be bought throughout the year, so a Parrot’s cage stays lovely and clean. You’ll be cleaning up with the amazing affordable prices.

Other accessories that may be on sale throughout the year include, calendars, nets, baths, cage liner roll, scales, mugs, clickers and misters.

There is always an opportunity to bag a bargain with special offers on Parrot accessories.

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