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About Super Bird Creations

Published on Sunday, 11th September 2016
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Based in America, Super Bird Creations have become one of the best bird toy manufacturers in the world. There is a toy for all a Parrot’s favourite habits, like chewing, foraging and shredding, with lots of different textures, to keep Parrots physically and mentally stimulated.

Chewable Foraging Toys

In chewable foraging toys, a Parrot must chew their way through the toy to get to the goodies inside.

Beaker Sneakers are versatile, they can be filled with goodie or a Parrot can just enjoy unfastening the laces on it.

Swing and Climbing Toys

Encourage a Parrot to get lots of exercise through play with swing and climbing toys.

Flying Trapeze Toys allow a bird to indulge in this fun behaviour. Available in a mini size. 

Willow and Palm Toys

Willow and palm toys have many fun textures for Parrots.
Smaller Parrots like chewing and shredding through the crinkle paper and willow of the Crinkle Crinkle Little Star.

Toy Making Parts

You can improve a bird’s current toys by filling or hiding shreddable Crinkle Paper inside it. 

Foot Toys
Foot toys are fun to hold in beak and feet.

Woven Paper Sticks can be attached to toys so a bird can start unravelling, picking and chewing them.

Paper Party Sticks have the same functionality. 

Encourage customers to use the Fiesta Ball Stuffers as a foraging toy, as it can be filled with many things.

The UFO Foot Toy has many fun to play with parts secured onto it, like dummies and beads, fun to try and remove. 

Natural Chews have six sticks, with different styles of different natural material.

2016 Toys

In the summer of 2016 Super Bird brought in new toys.

If a Parrot wants to hide away from the world for a while, then the Seagrass Tent or Sleigh Ride are made for them. These are made from natural materials with a perch to rest on.
2017 Toys

In the summer of 2017 Super Bird released more exciting products for your store and for your customer’s Parrot.

Foot toys are fun for Parrots of all sizes to enjoy lots of exercise through play. The Vine Star Chew, Mini Seagrass Tumbler and Moon Pie toys are perfect for this.

Finally, the Pinwheel has a multitude of textures to entertain a Parrot with too.  

The Christmas Crinkle Little Star is overflowing with crinkle paper a bird can shred over the festive season, along with two woven vine stars.

Christmas themed toys are always popular. The Christmas Garland, ready to order in a small or large size, has lots of wood and other textures stacked along a chain for a Parrot to enjoy.

2018 Toys

Parrots get mental stimulation working out how to undo and out back together the Screw It Toy.

The Binky Bop is interesting for a Parrot to forage in.

The berries on the Jingleberries Toy are actually jingle balls, where customers can place treats in for their bird to find or allow their bird musical fun.

2020 Products
There are toys to hang from the Kabob.

The Flower Fest and Mini Foraging Basket entertain Parrots for hours, chewing and foraging.

The Preen and Spin stops Parrots overpreening and occupies them for hours, spinning the wheel.

2022 Products

Give a Parrot exercise through play with the Vine Twist, Mini Rainbow Bridge or Mini Activity Wall.

Parrots like crunching up wafer, and they can do that with the Seagrass Wafers

The Star Gazer entertains birds for hours.

If your customer’s Parrot likes to turn up the volume levels introduce them to the Maraca Mania or Rainbow Rattler.

Foot toys aren’t heavy and are easy to carry. Examples of these are the Gear Wheel,or Foot Toy Combo

2023 Products

The Balsa Peacock is fun for littler beaks to chew on.

The Maraca Sunflower and Top This let birds make lots of noise. 

The High Jinks has many parts for a Parrot to remove. 

The Sola Balsa Ring and Balsa Rainbow Stacker occupy beaks for hours. 

The Wacky Waffle is fun to chew and forage in.

Super Bird: Find out what the squawk’s about with these exciting toys Parrots love playing with.

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