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Grooming Parrots

Published on Saturday, 14th January 2017
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Grooming products for dogs and cats have been popular for years, and I’m sure you’ve seen demand for small animal grooming accessories grow too. But are you missing out on even more sales and profit?
People want their pets looking their best, and for customers keeping exotic birds as pets this is no different. The vibrant coloured feathers of popular kept Parrots such as Conures, Amazons and Macaws can easily become dull and tatty looking.
Offering a small selection of grooming accessories for your Parrot customers can help you continue to increase sales from your pet bird section.
With an increased understanding on how best to care for these beautiful and intelligent animals, there are now many companies recognising the potential in the pet bird and Parrot market. This brings innovation...
So; let’s take a look at some of the top selling products you should be stocking.
I’m sure you already stock bird baths, the ones designed for Finches, Canaries and Budgies? You may even offer the larger Cockatiel sized bath? But what about a bath large enough for most Parrots to sit in?

For many Parrot owners a spare washing up bowl has been all they could offer. Fortunately, the Splash Extra Large Parrot Bath is now available, suitable for most Parrots.
The hooded design prevents water going everywhere and helps the bird feel secure. A wood perch fits across the entrance so Parrots can enter and exit safely.  The metal brackets allow the bath to be hung inside or outside of their cage – meaning the bird can bathe in the comfort of their own space.
These are great; they produce a fine mist of water that your customer can spray over their bird, like a tropical mist. Some are a trigger action, whilst others can be pumped up to build pressure before releasing a longer spray of mist.
Shower Perches
A Parrot’s natural instincts are fairly strong, and would normally use tropical mists to bathe in then spend time preening. Using a Shower Perch in the bathroom allows the bird to enjoy the warm mist from the shower.
Shower Perches provide a comfortable place to perch and fasten onto flat surfaces like windows, tiles and mirrors, using powerful suction cups, meaning they can double up as perching places around the home. Once your customers discover how convenient they are, they’ll be back for more.

Bathing Sprays
Whilst on the topic of bathing, the Rainforest Mist sprays by the makers of King’s Cages (a well know cage manufacturer) continue to grow in popularity.

These scented bathing sprays are suitable for daily use, and are highly effective at cleaning feathers and revitalizing a Parrots skin; replacing any moisture lost during the day. Make sure you keep these in stock to ensure repeat visits.
Occasionally Parrots need a little more help getting clean, so try offering King’s Feather Shine Shampoo. Suitable for birds of all ages, it brings the shine back to a Parrot’s feathers and reduces dry, itchy skin which in turn can help prevent feather plucking.
Unfortunately, there are many cases where Parrots over preen or pluck their feathers, which can be very distressing for both your customer and their bird.
Pluck No More is a revolutionary product and has had some incredible results, including calmer birds, reduced feather plucking / picking and less biting. Results are visible in just a few weeks but it can take many more to see the full results, meaning your customer keeps coming back for more.
Vitamin and Mineral Supplements
Many vitamin and mineral supplements complement a Parrot’s grooming routine. Feather conditioning supplements like Feather-Up have vitamins and minerals that boost feather growth so birds can always be looking fantastic.
Beak Buffers
These work by providing birds with a rough surface to rub their beak along, which in turn helps to remove bacteria and old scaly layers. Parrots are constantly using their beak, for eating, talking, playing and more, so having a beak that’s clean and healthy is important.

Sanded Perches
Sanded perches target a Parrot’s feet. The natural wood branch with a rough sand coating is comfortable for Parrots to stand on, yet still wears down the bird’s nails, just as tree bark would in the wild. This is less stressful for your customer and their Parrot, and many bird owners report not having to go to the vets for nail clipping and the expensive bills that come with it.
So with this new found knowledge and a small selection of grooming products, you can help your customers keep their colourful companions looking smart, whilst bringing in those extra sales.
Please note, these products are designed to help pet birds and Parrots stay fit, healthy and looking great. However, consulting an avian vet about any health concerns is always priority.

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