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Keeping the Fids Entertained - The Importance Of Play

Published on Monday, 26th March 2018
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As we’ve discussed in previous issues of Pet Gazette, Parrots have an intelligence level equivalent to that of a four-year-old child.

Toys are perhaps the best way to keep these feathered kids (or Fids) occupied. Toys give them mental and physical stimulation and stop them becoming bored. If a bird develops “birdie boredom” it could lead to unwanted behaviours such as feather plucking, screaming and biting.

Parrots naturally enjoy spending up to six hours of their time, that’s half their waking day foraging for food. When kept as pets it is important Parrots are provided with the opportunity to replicate this natural behaviour as much as possible. Ethologist Cheryl Meehan believes foraging is even more important to a bird’s mental and physical wellbeing than play alone.

Hiding a Parrot’s favourite food or treat inside a foraging toy engages their inquisitive mind into finding and retrieving their reward; providing much needed mental stimulation.

Customers can easily challenge their bird’s intellect with entry level foraging toys, before moving onto toys with a higher level of difficulty.

Preening is another natural behaviour which when catered for can help prevent feather plucking and other behaviours linked with birdie boredom. Toys with cotton, sisal and jute rope, or shredded crinkle paper and coconut husk provide hundreds of fibres to preen on,
meaning a Parrot is less likely to overpreen themselves, so they stay looking beautiful.

It is a Parrot’s natural instinct is to chew and shred things. With a beak that is always growing, just like our nails do - they primarily chew on materials to help keep their beak healthy and trim. They would also chew and shred trees to hollow out a nest site.

Wood based Parrot toys are the perfect way to fulfil this need. There are many different types from those made with large blocks, to those Parrots can climb around on and swing about from, giving Parrots the added bonus of exercise while they play. A fit and healthy
Parrot is the best kind of companion.

Parrot toys can also be used to reinforce the bond between bird and owner, allowing your customers to spend time playing and interacting with their feathered friend. Parrots can enjoy using their clever minds to learn tricks, identify colours, numbers and shapes, with activity and trick toys. Popular toys include skateboards, roller skates and basketball
, plus teacher type toys.

So, as you can see, toys are more than just something to decorate a Parrot’s cage with or to be used to stop them chewing up the furniture, they help them learn new skills, captivate their clever mind and build the bond of trust with their carers.

Keep your shelves filled with lots of different styles of toys and keep your customers and their Parrots satisfied.

Please always remind your customers that it is important to check toys regularly, as they may need to be repaired or replaced. Paying particular attention to rope toys as any loose threads should be trimmed straightaway.

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