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Parrot Play Stands

Published on Thursday, 12th January 2017
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Here at Northern Pet Trade we are often asked if Parrot stands are a good idea, the answer is a simple yes.

In the wild, Parrots move from place to place to find different resources like food, water and safe roosting environments.

Parrot behavioural consultants believe the smaller the space you give a Parrot, the more territorial they become over that space.

For example, communally nesting birds only have a small circle amongst hundreds or even thousands of other birds’ nesting circles, but they will guard it with their life (literally.)

Even if a Parrot has a play gym on top of their cage, they are still spending all of their time in one place. Imagine how boring it must be to sit in one corner of one room day after day?

Birds with larger territories are less obsessed about guarding their immediate area. So, unless your customers are hiding a rainforest in their home, providing the space in a bid to replicating their bird’s natural habitat is an impossibility. Or is it?

Play stands
offer the perfect solution and come in a variety of sizes, meaning your customers can easily set up dedicated places around their home. Each place can provide a different form of stimulation for their intelligent companion Parrot.

For example, a stand by a window overlooking the garden allows Parrots to see the wild birds, trees, clouds and on the odd occasion the sun. Equally place another stand by a window near the street so Parrots can see people, cars and buses go by.

There really is no limit, there can be a play stand in every room; Parrots love being close to their human companions, and no doubt the feeling is mutual. Plus, it encourages birds to fly around from one stand to another, providing the best exercise a bird can get!

Some large stands are fitted with castors, so they can be easily moved, useful during cleaning and maintenance, and have pull out trays that catch any mess a bird makes whilst on their stand.

Play stands that have sanded perches provide an additional benefit as they can help to wear down the Parrot’s nails naturally, just as tree bark does in the wild.

Please note: Remember to advise your customers that wood stands are not be suitable for destructive birds or big chewers.  Wood toys can easily be added to the more durable stands for entertainment away from the cage.

Smaller stands are great where space is at a premium. The Tabletop Parrot Stand is one example, it comes with two feeding dishes, a toy hanger and a tray to catch the mess.

The Birdie Basketball Gym has a basketball ring, weights and agility rings, giving smaller pet birds a real birdie workout. 

The Percher is a portable training stand that can be used in seven different ways, offering birds a dedicated place to rest during training sessions.

Java trees are made from retired coffee trees, the natural wood branches are extremely comfortable for birds to perch on, and the variety in branch diameter keeps feet well exercised. They come with a feeding dish and metal fixing to attach toys on to.

Using play stands around the home, your customers can help satisfy their bird’s natural behaviour to move from place to place. Just make sure each stand offers their Parrot something a little different. From food and water, to toys and materials for destroying, to a warm cosy place for roosting or a view of the outside world, there is a stand to suit every bird. 

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