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UV Lighting For Parrots

Published on Wednesday, 11th January 2017

Without a doubt one of the most important items your customers can buy for their pet birds and Parrots is an ultra violet (UV) bird light. The correct levels of UV light are widely known to provide a range of health benefits.
Even in the middle of summer, where levels of UV are generally at their highest, it doesn’t actually mean your customer’s birds are benefiting.
Many pet birds and especially Parrots are part of the family and live indoors with their human flock. There may be lots of sunlight passing through windows, however, glass actually blocks out the beneficial UV rays pet birds and Parrots need.

Many pet bird and Parrot owners, especially those new to bird keeping may not realise how crucial it is that their bird receives sufficient amount of UV light. All species of pet birds and Parrot benefit from it, so you should make them aware of its importance.
Thankfully there are a number of highly efficient and readily available products on the market that you can offer your bird keeping customers. Trusted and well researched brands include Arcadia and ZooMed who both offer specially coated fluorescent tube lights and compact bird lamps which provide the correct balance of UVA and UVB. There’s also a variety of fittings, including reflectors to help increase the output.
At Northern Pet Trade we’ve seen a year on year rise in demand for UV lights as bird keeping customers become much more aware of how they benefit their birds.
What is UVA and UVB light?
Put simply UV light is part of the invisible spectrum of light that the sun emits every day. UVA is the longest of the ultra violet lights and accounts for 95% of radiation from the sun.
UVB light isn’t as intense as UVA and doesn’t pass through windows or other pieces of glass. Although Parrots could be outside in the sunlight in a wire cage or aviary whilst their owners spend time in the garden, such time is limited. Thus the need for artificial balanced UV lighting is essential.
Normal domestic indoor and outdoor lights don’t emit any UVA or UVB meaning Parrots won’t get any UV by sitting under these.

What are the benefits of UVA and UVB light?
UV improves a Parrot’s psychological health. It can help towards stopping destructive behaviours like feather plucking and it improves appetite, feather condition and overall health.
Unlike humans, pet birds and Parrots can see the full spectrum of UVA light because they have specialised retinas to allow them to do so. This means without it they are effectively colour blind. Help your customers unlock their feathered friends’ world, and allow them to see everything in full glorious colour.
When seen under UV light colours are more pronounced. For examples reds appear redder and blues appear bluer, making any food and toys that are brightly coloured seem much more appealing to the bird.
Parrots use the extensive range of colours unlocked by UV light to identify their mates, find food and recognise different species. Their feathers reflect UV light and as plumage is a key factor to birds when choosing a mate, breeding is more successful when UV light is present.   
UVB plays a very important role, it allows birds to synthesise Vitamin D3 in their skin or through a special process involving the preening gland. Parrots need Vitamin D3 to metabolise calcium which they use to produce eggs, build and maintain strong bones and maintain normal growth. Calcium deficiency can have crippling and fatal effects.

Making the most of selling UV bird lights
UV bird lamps replicate natural sunlight, which is especially useful in the winter months when the hours of daylight and the opportunity to spend time outside are greatly reduced. But it is equally important during the warmer, sunnier months too; remember those essential UV rays don’t pass through glass windows. This means you can promote and sell UV bird lights all year round.
The special coating on the bulbs degrades over time meaning they need replacing regularly, encouraging repeat visits to your store and providing the opportunity to serve your customers’ ongoing needs.
Bird lamps accessories allow you to increase your customers’ spend. Stands, holders and reflectors allow your customer to safely and securely place UV lights close to their bird’s cage, as well as ensuring the maximum amount of light shines towards their pet birds and Parrots.

In Summary
Although there’s a lot of technical information to remember about UV lights for pet birds and Parrots, taking the time to understand it means you are well informed to grow sales and help educate your customers on how to light up the lives of their beloved feathered companions.

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