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Published on Thursday, 26th January 2017
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All of Zoo-Max’s Toys are designed and made from their base in Canada. This ensures they can inspect every toy so it’s of the highest quality.

The company began making products, bird food, in 1988 and then progressed to bird toys.

Northern Pet Trade are the only UK importer of Zoo-Max toys, ensuring a consistent supply.


So that a Parrot can enjoy a refreshing shower, Zoo-Max have two different sizes of Shower and Window Perch, small and medium. These means a customer can take their Parrot into lots of different rooms. 

Activity and Trick Toys

Parrots love learning new skills from an activity and trick toy.

The Teacher Toy is similar, Parrots can learn colours and numbers by stacking the rings on that. 

Foot Toys

Tasty seed has been placed into six hollow wood chambers on the Six Ring A Treat Toy, so a Parrot can chew on two different things.

The Rollicking Foot Toy has leather strips, wheels and wood for a Parrot to enjoy discovering.

Reusable Foraging Toys

The smaller Crazy Leather Box is available in different sizes as well, mediumextra small and small. This transparent box is filled with lots of leather pieces for a Parrot to find. 

Swing and Climbing Toys

If a bird prefers to a ladder to a cube, then two different styles are available. The Rainbow Blocks Ladder is a large size.

The Block Ring is full of different textures like leather, rope and wood. 

Wood and Rope Toys

The ever popular Cocotte Toy has colourful wood pieces that move as the Parrot chews, giving them more of a challenge. 

The Temple Towers Toy has thicker pieces of wood and rope stacked together, with small spaces to hide goodies inside.

The Giant Metropolis Tower comes in a giant or large size. As the names suggest, these tall towers have big groovy wood pieces to keep a bird’s beak busy, foraging and chewing.
The Mighty Zim is for bigger birds too, with ita masses of wooden blocks and pegs.
The Itsy Bitsy comes in a large or medium size. It has leather secured onto wood, cotton rope and acrylic, so plenty for a bird to get to grips with.

The Itsy Bitsy is a variation on the original Spiddy Toy

For hours of chewing and unravelling rope fun there is the Plaited Preener Toy. It’s available in a xlargemedium, small or extra small size.
The Trenza is a mostly rope toy for a bird to unravel and the Jupiter groovy parts.
The Radar has plenty of wood too and comes in a large size.

Wood has been arranged into a star shape on the Fun Stars Stacker and it has acrylic shapes too. 

There are even more pieces of wood to chew on the Accordion, over 20 in total.
The Pianossimo is laden with sisal rope and coloured wood for a bird to explore.

The Fuzzy Toy has multi-coloured sisal rope, perfect for a bird to preen with and keep themselves looking beautiful.

The Toopet, in a large size, has cotton rope and wood for a Parrot.


Chewable Foraging Toys

The Foraging Cube comes in a small and medium size. Crinkle paper has been inside a plastic box and the only way in is through a small hole.
The Crinkle Paper Foraging Box is in a rectangle shape and again has loads of goodies a bird can get at. It comes in a medium and large size.

The Shrubby, available in a medium size has a whole load of textures, including wood, leather, sisal, cotton and metal.

The similar Go Go Foraging Pouch is a small or large size too.

The Birdie Bread and Triple Birdie Bread have almonds for a bird to forage in and there are plenty of spaces to add more. Both are held together with cotton rope.



Groovy Toys
The Groovy Dancer  has grooves to hide treats inside for a Parrot to find. Alternatively they can chew on the wood and rope on them instead.

Cardboard and Paper Toys

The always popular Stacks of Shredding Toy comes in a large or medium size. It has layers of cardboard and wood for beaks to explore, that move as Parrots play.

For bigger shredding fun there is the Shredding Tower in a large or small size. There are layers of corrugated cardboard and chunky wood blocks.

The Shredding Coronet comes in a large or medium size. It’s very colourful and very shreddable.

All three of the Sombrero, Palm Tree and Jester have different sized cardboard pieces for a Parrot.

But for the biggest cardboard toy of them all, it’s the La Tenda Toy, with 200 pieces.

Cardboard Strips, Corrugated Cardboard or Cardboard Slice Refills, available in a small, medium or large size, can refill these toys.

Toy-Making Parts

There are many more toy-making parts to choose from to update a bird’s toys.

There is Paper Rope in a small, medium or large size and is good to chew, shred and preen.

There is Cotton Rope, as 6mm x 3m or 13mm x 3m.

There is three metre long natural Sisal Rope and Colourful Sisal Rope in packs of 6.

There is a choice of different leather piece for refilling leather toys. There are Assorted Leather Pieces, small or large Leather Strips or 10 Leather Squares in a medium or large size. 

Groovy Blocks can refill the groovy toys. There is a choice of Chunky Groovy Blocks or Small and Large Groovy Blocks.

You can easily tempt a customer to make wood toys more interesting, with all the wooden toy-making parts available. Choose from Wooden Disks, Natural Wood BlocksWooden HoopsWood Pegs, Wood BeadsWood Hearts, Wood Daisies and packs of 12 Wood Stars.

Standard Wood Slats are Natural or coloured. Coloured ones are medium sized.

If your customer really can’t decide which toy-making part to buy, then the Do It Yourself Toy-Making Kit in a Medium size has the biggest selection of assorted toy-making materials. It boasts cotton rope, sisal rope, paper rope, hard wood dowels, soft wood, leather pieces, acrylic parts and hardware.

September 2017 Products

Bird toy specialists Zoo-Max released more exciting toys for Parrots in September 2017.

Get the party started for a Parrot with the Calypso Party Stack, packed with lots of natural materials.

The Chirpy Toy comes in a medium or large size, and a Parrot is sure to be chirpy after playing with it, with all its great materials to entertain them.

There is lots to chew and play on the Chita Chew and Play Natural Toy.

The Spiddy has expanded too into a new larger size, and the Wooden Blocks Arch Swing is now available in a small size.

Other new styles of swings a Parrot can enjoy is the Pony Beads Arch Swing.

Preening themselves is one of a Parrot’s favourite activities and there are new toys to help them do just that, keeping them looking beautiful. The Cotton Preening Ring is available in a large or medium size.

Encourage your customer to build their own toy for their Parrot or revamp existing ones with the new toy-making parts. There is a new 20 Pack of Wood Daisies, small, medium and large Wood Slices and Natural Sisal Ropes

Or they can spend time teaching their Parrot a new skill instead, with the Memory Twin Shapes.

Groovy blocks are a lot of fun to hide treats in. There is an amazing new selection of groovy toys to let Parrots indulge in this foraging behaviour. Try the Groovy Baby Toy. 

The Bank Puzzle Toy is available in a large size, and the perfect toy for Parrots that love to learn.

Loofah is another toy that Parrots enjoy tearing up and shredding to pieces. And there is plenty of it on the and Lotus Flower Toy.

Smaller Parrots like Budgies definitely don’t miss out with this new collection, as there are a collection of toys designed especially for smaller feathered friends, like the XSmall Dodo Play Box and Mini Leather Brochette.

For bigger birds, there is the Pharaon Tower and Mambo Stack.

2018 Toys
Parrot owners love to spend time with their bird, building new toys or revamping current ones. They can use the Coloured Wood Slices or Coloured Wood Blocks do just that.

The Cotton Rope Climbing Net or Jute Rope Climbing Net gives a Parrot exercise through play.

The Corner Platform Perch is square or angled and in a small or large size. Fit it in a customer’s cage so their feathered friend has an alternative place to rest.

The DouDou Chew Stack has paper rope to unravel and wood to chew on.

The Marble Rainbow Ring has lots of colourful pony beads. 

The Cactus Tower and Totoro Tower, available in small, medium or large size, has towers of materials for a bird to explore.

The Spool Time has lots of soft wood for a bird.­­­

The Flying Jewels Toy is packed full of textures for a bird.

The Hector and XSmall Dynamite are filled with irresistible wood and rope.

Mr Frog gives a bird lots of exercise through play.

Zoo - Max: A large choice of high quality, safe toys for a Parrot to play with for maximum fun. 

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